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Pumping Up The Sagging Middle Part 2

Besides basic rules of good writing and strategic planning found in Part 1, other techniques to pump up the middle depends on the genre and book length, here are some of them. 1.  Replace Motivation Motivation is what influences a person to create a goal. What is their want or need? What causes the character […]

How To Pump Up The Sagging Middle – Part 1

How can authors avoid a sagging middle. Recently I presented a workshop to authors in various stages of writing, and as we talked, it’s evident that no matter how many novels an author writes, the sagging middle sneaks up every once in a while. The opening can come easy to writers–begin at the point of change, […]

Writing A Novel: The Seven Story Beats

A writer friend of mine drew my attention to this post from Billy Mernit, who shared the seven story beats in his book, Writing the Romantic Comedy. Mernit breaks the romance storyline into seven basic pieces, or “beats.” It’s well known that novelists structure novels like plays or movies: in three acts. In a romance, […]

Plotting – Act II

While Act I and Act III are each normally three or four chapters long, perhaps 120 pages of your book, the other 280 belong to the middle, and while Act I and Act III have very specific purposes to accomplish, Act II’s task is to tell the story—this means telling a story that will capture […]