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Tension and Conflict Part 2 – The Nature of Conflict

While tension is the emotion of a novel, conflict is the power. It drives the story forward and causes the reader to hang on and go with the ride. Without conflict the scenes would be a slow walk through a park. Who cares? Yet conflict has some “need to” factors. An argument over what color […]

Michael Hague’s Screenwriting Tips

As I’ve mentioned so often, knowing something about screenplay writing is a great help in fiction writing. Michael Hauge is a screenplay writer in Hollywood and presented a full day workshop at a writers retreat I attended in Denver. Michael Hauge’s Screenplay Mastery Newsletter is filled with great information for fiction writers so you might […]

Outlining #5 – Pacing Needs Planning

The screenwriting outline article I shared with you lists a fifth and final major point for creating a dynamic story—pacing. Pacing is not only important for screenwriting. It is vital for plotting a novel. I’ve stressed this before in other articles on writing, but this will be a good review. 5. Pacing needs to flow […]

Outline #4 – Developing Subplot Arcs

The Gideon conference offered me some interesting concepts to think about, and one of the topics was outlining plot elements for a dynamic film or book. The fourth point under outlining dealt with developing subplot arcs. 4. Develop subplot arcs affect the main plot. Weave these subplot arcs through the novel rather than dropping them […]

Outlining #3 – Setting that makes a difference

From the list of screenwriting techniques from the Gideon Media and Film Festival, the third technique you can work with to enhance your story is using setting to make a difference in your story. 3. Setting should be specific and used to deepen characterization and conflict, not just a place to plop characters. Setting influences […]

Outlining #2 – Creating Character Arcs

In the Outlining for Screenwriting blog provided early, the second point deals with the topic of creating characters arcs. 2. Create individual character arcs. What does the character want? What does the character need? The need factor is often the hidden desire of the character. The difference between the want and the need are sometimes […]

Outlining #1 – Creating A Theme Or Purpose

Recently I listed five points to outlining a screen writing project presented in a class at Gideon Film Festival. These same five points work for fiction as well, and I believe that many screen writing techniques can enhance fiction. I was asked by one of my blog readers to expand on these ideas so this […]

Impacting Fiction Writing with Script Writing Techniques

I have heard that authors can learn some great writing techniques through studying screenwriting. So I decided to act on this idea, and I’m away from home attending the Gideon Film Festival Conference. This unique conference has pulled together award-winning authors with multiple published books, movie producers, actors, screenwriters and more to open doors for […]