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Emerging Theme In Fiction

Many novelists want to leave the reader with a final thought or message as well as to entertain them with the story. Yet a theme cannot be forced into a novel. Instead it is moral, belief or value that seeps into the story on its own and emerges from the story to the reader. Element […]


Subtext: What Lies Beneath the Surface? from My Guest, Renee Ryan

Today I’d like you to meet my guest blogger, novelist Renee Ryan who writes romance for Love Inspired and Love Inspired Historical. She has graciously agreed to share her thoughts on one of the subtlest of techniques, Subtext. It is a technique that can make or break your novel.  I’m sure you will learn from her excellent post […]

Finding a Setting For Your Novel

Recently a question appeared on a writers loop regarding setting. The author asked about creating setting and when in the story planning should setting be established. Does it come before the plot and characters, or can it be added after plot and character are already established. Most author agreed that setting is so much a […]

Setting: Real Or Fictional

Setting plays an important role in fiction as we know. A story set in an urban area will have a different dynamic and feel than one set in small town USA. Some stories benefit from an urban setting because of the plot line, and others work better in the mountains or on an island or in a small […]

Grabbing Readers And Hanging On

Authors use all kinds of phrase that means the same thing. Grab the reader, hook the reader, create a page-turner, or write a keeper. Obviously all of these phrase mean an author wants to engage readers to the point that they can’t put down the book and once it’s finished, they can’t let it go. […]

Looking Again At Setting And Its Many Uses

I was asked to do an article for the ACFW Newsletter. The article is concise and covers things I’ve talked about before. Setting is sometimes the neglected element that’s used for sense of place alone and not always used in a creative way that will add so much more to your novel.  Check out this […]

Part VII Suspense – Setting and Atmosphere

Besides a sense of place, the right kind of setting offers the reader an atmosphere conducive to creating tension. Certain settings bring established mental images of frightening settings or ones open to danger. Think of a rundown farmhouse, a lonely cabin in the woods, a Gothic mansion, a hospital ship, an abandoned building, a park […]

Outlining #3 – Setting that makes a difference

From the list of screenwriting techniques from the Gideon Media and Film Festival, the third technique you can work with to enhance your story is using setting to make a difference in your story. 3. Setting should be specific and used to deepen characterization and conflict, not just a place to plop characters. Setting influences […]

Research For Contemporary Fiction — Part IIIA

Though it might seem that contemporary fiction is not as complex to research as historical, it is still important and can take much time depending on the novel’s plot. While some elements are commonplace and easy to research, the novel’s setting can still require time-consuming research. Because I believe that setting influences a novel’s plot […]

What about brand names and real places?

Recently, writers have asked questions about read places and brand names, and I decided to share the information with you rather than keep them hidden in comments on the blog. Question:I am in the process of writing and publishing my first children’s novel. I have been dabbling with a second book as a sequel, but […]