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Writing Fiction In A Series – Part I

When I first began to write, each book was a single story. Since I wrote category romance and romantic suspense, the books were focused on a hero and heroine and their journey to committed love. In the case of suspense, the stories were split with half focused on their romantic journey as they solved a […]

Moral Premise:Harnessing Virtue and Vice – Dr. Stanley D. Williams

I had the great pleasure of taking a course from Dr. Stanley D. Williams who is noted in the field of story and script consulting for film. His book The Moral Premise: Harnessing Virtue and Vice is a guide for writers of all fiction in any format. This book is a guide for every character arc and […]

Part II Suspense – What is the Structure of a Suspense Novel?

Part I asked the question, what is suspense, and my definition included: A suspense is a novel that increases intensity as the main character faces deception and danger while he devises a means to overcome the threat from the villain as the characters make choices that leads to plot twists, forshadowing and clues. Once defined, the next step is […]