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Advice For Novelists From Hollywood - Part 1

Advice For Novelists From Hollywood – Part 1

Although novels and screenplays are two different animals, novelists can benefit from understanding the techniques screen writers use to create dynamic stories. I attended a workshop on How To Succeed In Hollywood, presented by Ted Baehr, media critic and Chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission and publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Movieguide, a website […]

Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling

 Pixar is the animation computer studio in California that has created many successful animated movies, such as: Toy Story, Cars, Finding Nemo, among many others. The company, purchased in 2006 by Disney Studios, has produced some of the highest grossing films in the movie industry. One of the reasons for Pixar’s success is following a […]

Writing Fiction In A Series – Part I

When I first began to write, each book was a single story. Since I wrote category romance and romantic suspense, the books were focused on a hero and heroine and their journey to committed love. In the case of suspense, the stories were split with half focused on their romantic journey as they solved a […]

Moral Premise:Harnessing Virtue and Vice – Dr. Stanley D. Williams

I had the great pleasure of taking a course from Dr. Stanley D. Williams who is noted in the field of story and script consulting for film. His book The Moral Premise: Harnessing Virtue and Vice is a guide for writers of all fiction in any format. This book is a guide for every character arc and […]

Part II Suspense – What is the Structure of a Suspense Novel?

Part I asked the question, what is suspense, and my definition included: A suspense is a novel that increases intensity as the main character faces deception and danger while he devises a means to overcome the threat from the villain as the characters make choices that leads to plot twists, forshadowing and clues. Once defined, the next step is […]