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Pumping Up The Sagging Middle Part 2

Besides basic rules of good writing and strategic planning found in Part 1, other techniques to pump up the middle depends on the genre and book length, here are some of them. 1.  Replace Motivation Motivation is what influences a person to create a goal. What is their want or need? What causes the character […]

Subplots Can Deepen A Story

Subplots are stories within your story. They have a similar structure—beginning, middle, end—but they cannot overshadow the main plot. Instead they should enhance the main plot by providing complication to the life of a main character, foreshadowing an event to come in the main character’s life, reflecting the main character’s growth as he comes to […]

Difference Between Plot and Subplot

On the Writing Fiction Right blog, I often receive questions within the comments from writers, and sometimes I receive emails from newer authors asking questions. This question—What is the difference between a plot and a subplot—came to me a short time ago, and though I responded to the questioner, I decided others might enjoy an […]

Question: How Do You Create A Rough Plot Outine?

Numerous questions were asked by writers in my online course in January.  I wanted to share this one with you.My question is this: Do I start with a rough outline of scenes, using the checklist to insure the scene is driving the story, then go onto adding in sequels and plotting hooks? My response:  I […]

Outline #4 – Developing Subplot Arcs

The Gideon conference offered me some interesting concepts to think about, and one of the topics was outlining plot elements for a dynamic film or book. The fourth point under outlining dealt with developing subplot arcs. 4. Develop subplot arcs affect the main plot. Weave these subplot arcs through the novel rather than dropping them […]

SUBPLOTS: The Why, What, and How – Part II

Part I on subplots covered the purpose for using a subplot and information about both internal and external types of subplots. Simply in review, the purpose of a subplot is:1. Make the story more real.2. Add greater conflict and tension.3. Add interest by giving variety to the story —keeping this unpredictable.4. Add texture by adding […]

SUBPLOTS: The Why, What, and How Part I

Real life is made up of a variety of responsibilities, issues, and conflicts that challenge people’s lives. The same holds true for your fictitious characters. A character has a major goal he wants to reach by the end of the book and his energy is focused there, but he is held back by obstacles. Life […]