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Symbolism by guest Stephanie Prichard

One of my favorite options of this blog is inviting guest bloggers to share their ideas on using the various elements or techniques in the craft of writing fiction. Today my guest is Stephanie Prichard who has  co-author a faith-filled novel with her husband Don. Not only does she share ideas on using symbolism to enhance the meanings within your novel, but also is […]

Emerging Theme In Fiction

Many novelists want to leave the reader with a final thought or message as well as to entertain them with the story. Yet a theme cannot be forced into a novel. Instead it is moral, belief or value that seeps into the story on its own and emerges from the story to the reader. Element […]

Symbolism: Does it work in fiction?

Symbolism is a scary word for many readers but they would be surprised that they enjoy it all the time in fiction and naturally in poetry. Symbolism is a wonderful technique to say things without using words, but by creating images and examples using another form of communication. In the American Christian Ficton Writers’s (ACFW)latest […]