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Good Authors Make Writing Mistakes Too

Authors can get sidetracked in an attempted to add extra zing to their novels and create glaring mistakes that undermine their purpose. Here are a few of the mistakes that can be found in author’s manuscripts. Grab Readers On Page One Every author wants to hook the reader with a dynamic opening, such as beginning […]

Emerging Theme In Fiction

Many novelists want to leave the reader with a final thought or message as well as to entertain them with the story. Yet a theme cannot be forced into a novel. Instead it is moral, belief or value that seeps into the story on its own and emerges from the story to the reader. Element […]

Advice For Novelists From Hollywood - Part 1

Advice For Novelists From Hollywood – Part 1

Although novels and screenplays are two different animals, novelists can benefit from understanding the techniques screen writers use to create dynamic stories. I attended a workshop on How To Succeed In Hollywood, presented by Ted Baehr, media critic and Chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission and publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Movieguide, a website […]

Using Motifs To Show Character Change

 A nostalgic moment or glowing memory from your life can become a motif or theme woven intricately through your novel, adding charm and continuity. A dictionary’s definition of motif is a recurrent thematic element in an artistic or literary work. It’s using an item or idea throughout a novel to emphasize an emotion or lesson […]

Grabbing Readers And Hanging On

Authors use all kinds of phrase that means the same thing. Grab the reader, hook the reader, create a page-turner, or write a keeper. Obviously all of these phrase mean an author wants to engage readers to the point that they can’t put down the book and once it’s finished, they can’t let it go. […]

Theme and Why It’s Important

Readers remember some novels long after they read them, and one of reasons is the theme or, in Christian fiction, the message that the story leaves with the reader. When working on your novel, ask yourself these questions: What will happen, and why does it matter? What will the characters learn and how will they […]