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We All Started Somewhere… from Gail Gaymer Martin

When did you know you had writing talent…or any talent for that matter? Sometimes, I think, our talents are qualities that we think are normal and we take them for granted. When I was in the third grade my teacher wrote on my report card, “Gail has writing talent.” She based this on poetry I […]

Perspective 1

Let’s Talk Perspective.

Perspective is part of our lives. It’s how we look at things, physically, mentally and emotionally. Perspective combines available facts with personal ideas to shape our mental state. Writers think of prospective as POV or point of view. It is how a character looks at and deals with life and living based on how he combines the […]

POV: Its Power and Purpose

Writing fiction is a multifaceted process. The author must create characters, design commanding settings, capture an absorbing style, write compelling dialogue, and decide on the most effective point-of-view (POV). Understanding Point-Of-View POV is defined as through whose eyes the reader experiences the scene. This means that the reader can only learn and experience what POV […]


Looking for Love — and the Scissors

    Jill Brady darted forward to catch the cantaloupe as it rolled from the kitchen counter. It hardly seemed worth grocery shopping anymore. Being alone felt horrible She grabbed the carton of eggs and shoved them into the refrigerator. The eggs reminded her of her marriage to Kevin—fragile and breakable. They had been walked around […]

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Over The Edge – My True Experience

 When I first began to write,  I didn’t write novels.  I wrote freelance articles for national parenting and teen magazines along with Sunday school materials. This article is a real life event my husband and I experienced  a few years ago when on vacation with my sister and brother-in-law.  It became a lesson to me that  when things happen […]

When I Wrote Rockets To The Moon

Before I wrote long fiction, I wrote for magazines and periodicals. Interesting that the copyright date is the same year I started writing long fiction. This short story was written for a children’s magazine. It never sold, but the story reflects memories of my own grandfather. The boy in the novel has my brother’s name. We called […]


The Mahagony Rocking Chair – A Lesson

I wrote this piece in 1996, before I started writing long fiction. In it, you will find a lesson for all of us about the Lord’s mercy and forgiveness. This is based on a true incident in my life and the note to my parents’ is the real note that my mother kept all her […]


Creating story that catches a reader’s interest is the struggle of every novelist. In creating story, you deal with what appeals to the audience and what appeals to you as a writer, using good writing techniques and finding characters that can carry your story along. Pixar story artist Emma Coats has tweeted a series of […]

Publishing Is Finished. . .or Is It?

A friend on a loop sent out a link that I check out. So amazing. Besides a great message, the writing is a unique twist and so interesting. Don’t miss this if you are a published author or one who would like to be. The advice is worth your time.