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When I Wrote Rockets To The Moon

Before I wrote long fiction, I wrote for magazines and periodicals. Interesting that the copyright date is the same year I started writing long fiction. This short story was written for a children’s magazine. It never sold, but the story reflects memories of my own grandfather. The boy in the novel has my brother’s name. We called […]


The Mahagony Rocking Chair – A Lesson

I wrote this piece in 1996, before I started writing long fiction. In it, you will find a lesson for all of us about the Lord’s mercy and forgiveness. This is based on a true incident in my life and the note to my parents’ is the real note that my mother kept all her […]


Creating story that catches a reader’s interest is the struggle of every novelist. In creating story, you deal with what appeals to the audience and what appeals to you as a writer, using good writing techniques and finding characters that can carry your story along. Pixar story artist Emma Coats has tweeted a series of […]

Publishing Is Finished. . .or Is It?

A friend on a loop sent out a link that I check out. So amazing. Besides a great message, the writing is a unique twist and so interesting. Don’t miss this if you are a published author or one who would like to be. The advice is worth your time.