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Gail Gaymer Martin's Kitchen

For centuries kitchens and kitchens tables have been the center of friendship and hospitality. In our busy world today, family meals have sometimes faded, but it still is a place we discuss our joys and sorrows, successes and failures and everyday events. In my mother’s kitchen we sat around the table, nibbling on homemade cookies and drinking coffee or soft drinks while talking about everything under the sun. My mom died in July 2002, and I miss those visits.

Gail Gaymer Martin's KitchenGail Gaymer Martin's KitchenKitchens also serve as the place for creativity, inventing new recipes or refining old ones, developing luscious desserts or facing a few situation such as burning the Sunday roast. Since cooking and eating are a major form of entertainment, I want to share a few of my favorite recipes and recipes from fans and friends. I may also send some cooking tips, and funny stories about things that happen in my kitchen. I hope you enjoy this feature.

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