Original Poem on Easter To You From Me

A Tree Man looks to trees For signs of Changing seasons, Soft greens and bursting buds of spring, Leaves full and summer green, autumn’s aging hues, And dead leaves drift from barren winter limbs. We see the tree’s seasons as the stages Of our lives from birth to death. And so it was a tree […]

Evolution of a Novel – Rescued By The Firefighter.

Some of my novels seem to write themselves, and Rescued By The Firefighter is a good example. It is the last book in the Sister’s Series and was set up in the second book of the series, The Firefighter’s New Family. The characters appeared in that book with backstory already built in and though I […]

Catch Us if You CAN: Spring Scavenger Hunt – Has Ended & Winners Listed

Catch Us if You CAN: Spring Scavenger Hunt! STOP #1 Gail Gaymer Martin’s Blog at www.gailgaymermartin.com The CAN Scavenger Hunt has officially ended but don’t stop now  You have another chance to win a free authorgraphed novel. I will leave the link up for a couple of days so you can still enjoy some of […]

Guess Who’s Coming To. . . CAN Spring Scavenger Hunt

Beginning noon, this Friday, March  21, you will have a full week to join in the fun of an online Scavenger Hunt – Catch Us If You CAN.  What is a scavenger hunt? It’s a seven day opportunity to make 30 stops at various blog sites and collect clues that will lead you to the answer […]

Confession of a Once Anti-Independent Publishing Novelist

I was once anti-indendent publishing but not anymore. A few years ago, I swore I would never self-pubish a novel. I had been blessed with a traditional contract within a year of submitting, and I had what I will call an “attitude.”  To me self-published novels were inferior, written by people who were so desperate […]

March 1 release – The British Brides Collection with Gail Gaymer Martin

The British Brides Collection, including my novella Apple of HIs Eyes, set in Victorian England will be in stores where books are sold and online bookstores in March. I’m particularly excited about having this novella come to life again, because it was based and inspirted by a true story in my family  history. In real life, […]

Rachel – New Release by Jill Eileen Smith

I’m happy to tell you about another writer friend’s new release, Rachel  with a giveaway you can’t resist. A Novel Jill Eileen Smith 4 ½ Stars from RT Book Reviews  Can true love overcome a legacy of betrayal? Rachel wants nothing more than for her older half sister Leah to wed and move out of […]

Plot Twists And The Reader

Plot twists are similar to unanticipated things that happen in your life. The unexpected, the dramatic change of outcome, or the surprise revelation that makes things different.  These can be good or bad, but in real life they’remost often welcome twists. Plot twists are part of fiction and movies. We read with our mouths agap when we […]

Fresh Spirit, Fresh Ideas for Fiction

How often do you see what some call Buttermilk skies? Traveling through the Kansas prairie, this sight amazed me. When we view new places, experience new adventures, breathe in the fresh air of a new environment, novelists are inspired to new and creative ideas. I’ve had this experience for the past few years, spending time […]

Regrets and Resolutions

I read an article online a few days ago about a study that was done on regrets of the dying. Although this sounds like a depressing topic, as a novelist, I not only looked at it in relationship to my life but how the five regrets might affect a character in a novel and how […]